Banyu Bubbles Hydo Spa


Special Service

Check on blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol monitoring.
We give free health consultation on medication and slimming programs to those customers who purchased medication from us.

Spa Hydro Therapy Bubbles Bath

The Super SG-2000 is beautiful combination of nature and technology, offering a luxurious experience in full body massage, deep internal warming, beauty and body cleansing by hydrosonic wave energy. 

The ultrasonic wave ozone and infrared rays provides the feeling of a hot spring.
Aromatherapy Bath And Massage

Unwind with a therapeutic bathing experience which is uplifting, eases body aches, distresses and revitalizing. This special treatment helps in relaxing tense muscles and moisturizes your body.

With every spa hydro therapy performed, the goal is to address the health of the body and beauty condition, in hopes of a joyful discovery.
We are proud to introduce our product range from Moya, featuring a unique nature's pure herbal aroma essential oil and exotic hot spring mineral salt extract from Melissa and Indian Cymbopogon Winterianus, Brown Seaweed, Mediterranean Lemon Acid and Bergamot which was a hidden treasure from Germany.

Our outlet also offer various other pharmaceutical, herbal, cosmetic and beauty product. 

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